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 In Defense of a Truly Equal America 

The Great Replacement Theory

The shooting in Buffalo in which a gunman targeted a predominantly black neighborhood, killing 10 people and injuring 3 more, is the latest violent manifestation of the “Great Replacement” conspiracy. This racist theory, a rallying cry of white supremacists, contends that there is a coordinated effort underway to marginalize the power of white populations in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand through the “importing” of millions of immigrants of color. According to believers, the perpetrators of this scheme are primarily Jewish elites whose ultimate goal is the genocide of white populations in Europe and North America.[1] One of the most frightening aspects of the Great Replacement is that the main thrust of its message, that uncontrolled nonwhite immigration is a fundamental threat to majority white populations, has moved beyond the rightwing fringe to something more widely accepted. This theory, once espoused mainly by the David Dukes of the world, is increasingly worming its way into the mainstream by way of Tucker Carlson and Florida Representative Matt Gaetz[2], furthering the growing partisan divide in our nation.

When Tucker Carlson derides the people of Iraq as “semiliterate primitive monkeys” and accuses Latin American immigrants of making US cities dirty, he espouses a very straight-forward, run-of-the-mill version of racism.[3][4] The extraordinary aspect of his racist diatribes is the size of the group listening; Tucker Carlson Tonight remains the 2nd most popular cable news show in America with an average of 3.6 million nightly viewers.[5] In recent years, he has drilled the core of Replacement theory into his viewers’ minds; nonwhite immigration into the US is nothing less than an invasion.[6] We support robust debate on immigration and its effects on the labor market and the economy, but Carlson’s discussions of immigration are consistently couched in racial terms that pit demographic groups against one another. This type of rhetoric is pure poison in a vast, multicultural country like the United States. While the Buffalo shooter wrote in his manifesto that he was no fan of Fox News, the toxic effects of the hatred that Carlson releases into the system on a nightly basis cannot be denied and should not be tolerated.

If placing the interests of a demographic group above others on the basis of skin color is a fundamental wrong, then it should be opposed in any context. We understand the admirable goal of affirmative action, but the process by which it aims to achieve that goal is essentially reverse discrimination. While rhetoric of the kind seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight is far more dangerous and divisive in an immediate sense, consideration of race in hiring and promotion (the main tool of affirmative action) remains a polarizing topic for the American people. That 74% of Americans oppose the consideration of race in employment decisions is no surprise in a country as diverse as the United States.[7] Americans generally believe that discrimination on the basis of skin color in any context is a bad thing, an encouraging reality for the country and its future.






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