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We are working to bring Washington’s focus back to bold, bipartisan legislation that helps average Americans.

Fighting for Practical Solutions

AFCG wants politicians to serve average Americans, not their political bases. Our goal is to elect people who will govern pragmatically, not in a way that seeks simply to appease the left or the right. We plan to run ads, seek out visible leaders, and get press to build a reputation for being an organization of gravitas and respect.

The Center of American Politics Still Holds Power

The notion that our democracy must be dominated by the most extreme voices is a fallacy. There is a growing number of Americans who have had enough with partisan politics. The margins between the parties are small; if we can help to shift the parties back towards the middle, momentum may do the rest.

Tribalism is our Downfall, and Unity our Saving Grace.

Beginning in the 1930s, the KGB was certain it could facilitate America’s downfall by exploiting what it viewed as our greatest weakness; the multitude of racial and religious backgrounds that make America great. They failed to do so in part because at the time, civics was an essential part of education across the country. We fortified ourselves with love of country, and it is not too late to do so again.

Time is of the Essence.

Taking action now is important to the health and future of our democracy. Both parties are causing significant damage to the country. Progress is only possible with civility and a focus on advancing the country as a whole, not just scoring points for one’s party.

Populism is not the answer.

Populism’s characteristic “us vs. them” mentality is the exact opposite of what the country needs in this moment. Instead of vilifying certain groups as detrimental to the common person’s wellbeing, as both left and right populists do, we should be bringing people together with a positive message, in support of practical solutions.

Sticking up for the First Amendment.

The 1st Amendment’s free speech protections were not formulated to defend remarks about the weather or one’s favorite sports team, but to protect speech that can ruffle feathers and perhaps even offend. Increasingly, individuals are being “cancelled” for perceived slip-ups in language. This is having a chilling effect on speech in academia, journalism, and even entertainment. Racist or xenophobic comments should always be denounced, but summary, snap judgments on people’s moral character by internet users are similarly unhelpful to progress on issues of equality.